North Carolina Proposes Changes in Bear Regulations for 2018-2019
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North Carolina Proposes Changes in Bear Regulations for 2018-2019

Submitted by:  Backcountry Press Outdoor News
Posted on: 02/12/18
Based on available biological data, adding two weeks to the beginning of the bear season should not have a negative impact on the bear population.

The Commission is proposing changes to the CBMU to support the Commission’s goals and objectives set in the 2012 Black Bear Management Plan. The Commission is proposing these changes after evaluating public input from bear management forums and biological data from across the Coastal region; with the goal to stabilize bear population growth in the CBMU while managing a huntable bear population.

The Commission proposes modifying the bear hunting season to align with five bear hunting zones developed by evaluating multiple important bear management variables for each CBMU county and input from the bear hunters in the CBMU. 

Proposed Bear Regulations Changes:
  • Modify bear hunting season in the MBMU to add two weeks to the beginning of the current season.
  • Modify the bear hunting season in the CBMU to align hunting seasons with five bear hunting zones.

For more information see Proposed Regulation Changes for Bear Season (PDF) or wildlife-commission-proposes-changes-in-bear-regulations-for-2018-2019

Image courtesy of WI fish & game

Bear hunting season and gun deer season overlap in the Coastal Bear Management Unit (CBMU) but currently do not overlap in all portions of the Mountain Bear Management Unit (MBMU).

Proposed changes to deer hunting seasons would make the western deer and bear hunting seasons overlap in the MBMU during the December bear hunting season. In July 2017, the Commission held a meeting with bear hunters and found that given the proposed changes to deer season, those in attendance preferred keeping the current bear season as structured resulting in an overlap with deer season during the December segment of bear season, and adding two weeks in October to the beginning of the bear season.
North Carolina Proposes Changes in Bear Regulations for 2018-2019